We are a team of construction professionals that work closely together to offer clients a smooth Design-Build experience.

Who We Are

Brennan Hill

Brennan Hill

Co-Founder and Owner

Brennan graduated from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo with a degree in Construction management.  As a construction manager, he prioritizes cost-control and project scheduling. He worked for several large construction companies including Whiting Turner in Los Angeles and MS Walker in Bakersfield, managing large commercial projects and some residential projects. In 2010 he began working full time on his own company, ERH Design and Construction. Brennan is the qualifying individual for both the general and electrical contractors license.

Eve Ralston Hill

Co-Founder and Owner

Eve graduated from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo with a Bachelors in Architecture. At Cal Poly she concentrated in high-density housing and historical preservation. She has worked for several architecture firms, including Barker Associates in Menlo Park, CA and Cornerstone Engineering in Bakersfield, CA. In 2002 she began her own firm, ERH Design and Construction.

What We Do

We are committed to creating quality projects on a timely schedule. The long term success of your building is our greatest priority. Together we engineer every step of the project and develop a realistic cost estimate and schedule.

In doing so, we avoid excessive changes and costly delays. We are proficient in streamlining design-build projects due to our technical knowledge, experience, and ability to identify and meet the specific needs of our clients. We place a high value on excellent customer service.

Our experience includes over 20 years of designing, building, and improving banks and credit unions. Also, we perform ATM installations, vault, safe, and barrier installations, VAT systems and drive-up windows, alarm, security and camera installations, .and procurement and installation of any type of bank specialty equipment.

We are also experienced in constructing commercial strip malls and office buildings. Further, we have worked on HUD projects, ambulatory surgical centers, dental offices, restaurants, power plants, schools, and custom residences. Additionally we hold both B and C-10 licenses and frequently self-perform design-build electrical work on our own projects. ERH Design and Construction was founded in 2002 as a design and drafting service working with local contractors. Later we expanded to include consulting and construction projects. In 2010 we relocated the business to Northern California and became a vendor for Diebold.



Our Clients

What Our Clients Have Said

My experience with ERH has always been one of satisfaction from the first phone call to completion of the job. Eve is always available to answer any questions I may have and responds promptly by both phone or email. They have great specialized contractors working on their team, and I feel confident that when they tell me they can do something, and when, that they will follow through on their promise. After so many disappointing experiences with home remodeling contractors, I am so thrilled to have found ERH; I won’t use any other company for my home construction needs, and I recommend them highly to all of my friends and family.

Ana E.

Residential Client

The summer of 2014 we had to move our company to a larger warehouse space.  Being a battery company electrical supply is at a premium for us to operate efficiently.  I contacted ERH Construction to help us add outlets and verify the power supply.  Not only did Brennan do that but he went through every outlet in the offices and marked them so we could identify them in the future.  Along with that he called me back and said he wanted to come back and install GFI outlets in our restrooms since they were right above our sinks.  A+ service and quality.

James H. Rains


It’s really scary to remodel a foreclosed home to make it comfortable for yourself.  However ERH Design and Construction provided such super customer service with outstanding attention to detail, that I was left with the fun part of picking out decorative items.  I truly appreciate their efforts and terrific communication in every step of the process.  Love my new Home!

Rosemary R.

Residential Client